• Closeup
  • Shimmering Beach Sand

    Shimmering Sand At Night

    The one thing that photography has been able to do for me is let me see how beautiful the world is around me, even when things aren’t perfect. We were walking on the beach at night and normally that is one of my favorite times to hit the beach, it’s very peaceful and soothing to […]

  • Closeup
  • Fuzzy Bee

    Climbing Bee

    The only reason I take pictures of scary things that chase you like bees (and yes they totally chase you) is because of my zoom lens. Normally I’m running away. This time I couldn’t help taking this guy’s picture as my husband was paying at the parking meter. He didn’t even realize the bee was […]

  • Landscapes
  • Snowy Peak

    Snowy Peak From Above

    I love sitting in the window seat of an airplane a little too much. All of my plane rides in the last 10 years have taken me from the Pacific North West to California, so it’s always wild to see how different the areas are by plane. California is more dry looking, less trees. While […]